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Detective agency "Private detective Kirovograd." You will get information about all. Themselves remain incognito. Ability to work with anonymous clients.




Story of my life is quite sad, because their parents abandoned me when I was born and I grew up in an orphanage. But despite all the stereotypes , I was started to work and earn good money. All my life I have , of course, has bedeviled the question of who they are, my parents , and why I was not necessary for them . Decided to find out , but overall I was told that the information is confidential . I contacted the agency " Private Detective Kirovograd " for help . The result was a long time , I had already been decided that nothing threw money, but six weeks later I was given a sheet of paper on which is written , who my parents and how I find them . I do not dare to come back to them , but still, I'm glad I have some information . Thank you very much , you may have changed my life .


Thanks for the assistance work here, however, the best specialists who do their job quickly and efficiently. Himself saw this, and I will advise all!

Vladimir and Svetlana

I want to express my gratitude for their help in checking decency babysitting our baby. Now we can safely do business, knowing that his son is neat and responsible person who does not lose his head in any situation. Thank you very much!


Thank you very much for that clarified the situation in my family about doubt my husband's infidelity. Now in our house there is calm, and we can fully trust each other! You really helped us!

Dmitri Ivanovich

Thank you so much saved from investing in venture scams and helped to avoid problems in the future!

grateful client

Son began to behave strangely, became rude, withdrawn, and aggressive. We hypothesized that this drug. Naturally began to look for the cause, check the friends. It's nothing. Appealed to the agency. News shocked - in our family really had this problem, but not with his son, and his older sister, who left two years ago to work in Moscow. And he just found out about it and tried to help her in their own way - earning money and kept the secret. So we saved both of our children. Thank you!


I drove the car, and I did not expect to find it, but there are good people advised me to apply to your agency. What was my surprise that you, unlike law enforcement, found her, and even in such a short time! Thanks for a job well done!


Thanks to the staff of the agency "Private Detective Kirovograd" for helping me so quickly to find my girlfriend, I lost his student years. Data was really small, but you coped very quickly! No words, bravo!


My daughter, she is 15 years old, began to come home late, ask for more money than usual, began to cause my suspicions. As a mother, I naturally thought of the worst. I began to ask her what had happened, but she could not tell. Contacting your agency, I was informed that my daughter ... helps in the nursery after school as a volunteer, and probably did not want me to talk about it, because I really love animals. Thank you dispelled my fears!


You have no idea how much you helped me! Thank you for your decent work and good luck in your future investigations! 


A few weeks ago I have sneaking suspicion that someone is watching me, or rather, it listens to my car and my office. At first I thought it was a fantasy, but the feeling I did not let go. Then find your agency and asked to check the car and office for bugs. And to my surprise, they found what they were looking for. Moreover, they found more and who it is arranged. Now I can sleep really well! Thanks for the help!


I want to thank the agency "Private Detective Kirovograd" for giving me help in finding the information that I was absolutely necessary at the time. This can truly be called an invaluable help. Thank you very much and good luck!

Family N.

Our little daughter was a charming dog - Samoyed ( dog dorogushchy still very young ) , but one day she just ran away - not doglyadeli . Daughter was inconsolable , and we are already attached to the baby . We even tried to organize a search , paste up ads everywhere with reward . Avail - of course, it is clear that the dog is not easy . The police no attention - not their profile themselves also did not find . Appealed to the " Private Detective Kirovograd " even though at first it was uncomfortable talking about the issue. Do not regret a single second - to be taken seriously and with understanding (very surprised ) . Now our dog with us again! Thank you thank you !


Once went to visit my sister in Italy. Lived there for about a month, made ​​friends with a very nice girl. Communicated, exchanged addresses, and then I went home. Corresponded for some time, then somehow it was impossible to get in touch. After that nowhere could not find her - she moved, lost contacts, sister also did not know anything. Appealed for help to the agency "Private Detective Kirovograd" - help! URA - a month for the summer food to her friend!


Thanks for the help ! Gets involved with a questionable Internet Bureau , which gave orders for promotional pictures, you served them , and they are respectively paid you for it a lot of money . I took the order , worked on it for a week , sent me into a bargaining relied fee of $ 750 . But , oddly enough , I got nothing . How to contact the employers were not specified . Naturally, no one claims to present - firstly, no one , and secondly , they say, are to blame , he believed . I have decided that I will not tolerate this and addressed to your agency , which advised me of my friends . Immediately evident undertook business professionals . After just 2 days I was given a phone number and address of my grief - the employer and I regained honestly earned money .

Andrew and team

I have long been engaged in business . Usually have to deal with large sums of money. One day one of my manager had to be transported to another city money on goods (about 30 thousand hryvnia ) . Here he went and had to call when he gets to the destination. But the call was not, not day, nor two. The employee gone. We searched his home and in a different city , and called relatives , but all in vain . What to do in this situation? The police did not really want to attract . I do not know how, but dared refer to the detective agency " Private detective Kirovograd ." They did a series of different operations , and fairly quickly found the man. He had to return and answer all deserved. From all our team are grateful for the prompt and quality work !


I am very glad that she decided on such a serious step for me - turn into a detective agency. And could not think, that make up my mind on this, but now, I'm glad that she agreed. Professionals helped me to understand my husband helped check allegiance, and now I can rest easy knowing that all is well and I'm just too jealous. But their constant interrogations itself could destroy our family! Thank you very much staff for your patience and understanding!


I have a son , he's 17 years old . Recently, he started acting really weird news, coming home late , talk about some new principles , questioned religion and the like. I am not a joke rasperezhivalas . I know that it can and it is ugly , but I decided to hire a detective that would follow him . After just a week shadowing turned out that it is drawn into some new sect, create another charlatans. I held a conversation with the child, explained everything , son understood me said that I was right . Was surprised that they were following him , saying that he did not suspect anything. Thank you for your help. Without your participation might have ended very badly.


Grateful for the excellent detective work, did not expect that you will help me so!


To my home for a month, regularly phoning hidden room with all kinds of threats, allegedly from me and my family will have problems, and the like. I had no idea who it could be, since I have no enemies. Decided to turn to the detective agency requesting to know who it could be. They, after this man called me once again, with the help of some of its technical facilities calculated it, and he had to answer for their actions. Do not torment me more annoying calls. Thank you!


Not very nice to tell, but I was sure that his wife was cheating on me, wanted to file for divorce, but could not decide. Decided to find out for sure and asked the detective agency. Very pleased. It turned out that we just had a hard time in a relationship, and no treason was not close. Detectives worked out well, I learned all the details of the life of his wife. This marriage and retained, and helped improve relations. Your work, I am very satisfied!

grateful client

Use the services of a private detective, and he helped me to expose the scams that have repeatedly offered to me and other people their own terms, offering supposedly very profitable for me the result, but in the end, people are left with nothing. You have saved me and other people from this bitter experience.


I work in a large office , in general , I'm the head of the accounting department . Everything was always excellent , friendly team , but once started happening petty theft (such as expensive pen disappeared somewhere , or money off the table disappeared , and others). Since there with him , and precious things , people began to worry . All suspected one employee , whose family has recently been a very difficult financial situation. I was not agree with them , because I know this person very long time, and I am sure that he is a decent man , a steal in my life would not dare . And then I decided to turn to the detective agency to conduct an investigation . Detectives discreetly installed in the office watching the video , but unfortunately , two weeks later it gave no results. I already began to doubt the correctness of the decision , but then I was offered to interrogate using the polygraph. I doubt decided that employees would not understand me , but still agreed. Thief was brand new employee , which no one even thought, but she confessed . All were grateful detectives questions were very well matched , so that man and do not offend anyone, and learn the truth about him .


No sense to talk in detail, so let tezisno. There is a business in which there were problems. Such that really threatened bankruptcy. I had to figure out what's wrong - hired detectives. Well done, all hyped and now things are looking up again, and the perpetrators punished!


My husband has always paid attention to the other women , but he did it within the allowable , not allowing yourself to unnecessary actions . But lately, he began to go too far , and I certainly did not love . Thanks to the services of private detective , I learned that my husband has long been a mistress . They spent the photo and video surveillance , and provided me with compelling evidence . This is , perhaps, not very nice, but as they say , " bitter truth is better than sweet lies ." I no longer suffer such humiliation and I started a new life . Thank you for your excellent work .


It so happened that I had to use the services of a detective agency that does not seem to me very much as a similar thing I encountered only in serials. But despite my fears, I really helped to solve my problem. Thank you!


I never believed that this would be the result. I was sure that everything is so well only in the series, but the truth detectives - simple charlatans, who also take a lot of money. But, strangely enough, it turned out quite the contrary, thanks to the detectives, I was able to find the person who stole a large sum of money, and besides, also paid a pretty reasonable amount. You have changed my idea about this profession.


I spend a long time on business trips and often simply can not physically be with his family. Odnazhny I had doubts about the loyalty of my wife , because she is a young girl , beautiful, and almost all the time her husband was not home. At first he tried to somehow razrulit , but nothing happened . Then I ventured to enlist the help of the agency " Private Detective Kirovograd " which find out who , where , how often communicates my wife . I even learned about what she tells her friends (by the way , turned out to be very useful ) ! The best part is that my fears were completely wrong ! Thank you for not allowing me to destroy your own happiness !

grateful client

I would like to say a big thanks to the staff of human agency "Private Detective Kirovograd"! Only with your help, the secret finally became apparent, and now in our family there is peace and order.

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You have no idea how much you helped me! Thank you for your decent work and good luck in your future investigations! 

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To my home for a month, regularly phoning hidden room with all kinds of threats, allegedly from me and my family will have problems, and the like. I…

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No sense to talk in detail, so let tezisno. There is a business in which there were problems. Such that really threatened bankruptcy. I had to figure…

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